Shred Guitar Made Easy

Shred Guitar Made Easy
Tricks, Hacks, and Strategies to Master Guitar Shredding
Remove the Struggle and Unlock Your Guitar Speed Potential

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8 Reasons You Need This Mega-Course:
1. The effortless, fun path to unlimited speed and playing power
2. Step-by-step, easy-to-follow 8-week lesson plan that you can use to achieve your goals
3. 2-week bonus course showing you how to master any guitar lick in record time, and create your own epic shred licks
4. Easy, fun and musical examples. There isn't a chromatic exercise in sight!
5. The key to using shred licks tastefully in-context, and making great music - along with 3 professional backing tracks to practice your skills
6. "100 Epic Shred Licks" extra bonus course, so you never run out of ideas
 7. Unique, highly-effective practice methods that guarantee results without the struggle
8. 100% email support and guidance
Wanna play awesome guitar solos? Master your favourite shred songs? Create jaw-dropping fast guitar licks?
Here's what you're gonna get:
A step-by-step 10-week approach to mastering shred guitar
The three key approaches to playing fast on guitar - and which you should focus on for maximum results
Over 50 specially-chosen core licks and super-effective exercises to supercharge your abilities
A bonus course of 100 epic shred licks to give you endless ideas and inspiration
How to make any lick easier and faster by using a simple step-by-step approach
How to master any song, at any speed, in record time
Correct fretting and picking technique, including how to master synchronisation between the hands
How to master any technique, and combine them for ultimate playing freedom and shredding skill
10 key practice methods that are fun and super-effective
Why 99% of people fail - and how to become the 1% that succeed
How to come up with your own original ideas to create your own unique style
How to apply everything to real music, so you can use your skills in your own guitar solos, songs and improvisations
Plus loads more tips, tricks and guitar shredding strategies
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