Play The Minor Scale All Over The Neck, In Any Key, With One Stupid-Simple Shape - PLUS Chord Tone Safe Zones!

  • by Tom Boddison
  • 13 May, 2017
Say goodbye to CAGED and three-notes-per-string - you only need one shape to shred! Add some easy variations and the whole neck is your playground.

It's only TWO DAYS until the launch of Guitar Scales Revealed: The Unconventional Guide to Iron-Clad Scale Knowledge, so we thought we'd celebrate with another free scale guide!
You can see how similar it is to the pentatonic scale that we did a while ago - it's only two notes different!

That's the great thing about guitar, and music in general - if you use the right methods, it's easy.

Why is this method so awesome?

  • It's so much quicker than learning five, six or seven different box patterns. You only have to learn one shape and a couple of variations to cover the whole neck
  • You can easily see where your chord tones are, which massively helps in making real music
  • Learn a lick in one octave and you can play it in different fretboard positions immediately - this makes sure you'll put your licks to use and won't leave them gathering dust
  • Once you get the octave pattern under your fingers, you'll instinctively "know" where the notes are without thinking. This is mastery - and there's a BIG difference between learning and mastering
  • It's easy to learn the chord tones of other chords (more on this coming in a future guide), so you can follow chord progressions and come up with melodic solos and catchy licks

Where can I get more?

Right here !

Have fun guys - there's loads more to come!
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