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Guitar Scales Revealed
Upgrade Your Scale Skills Today
If you've struggled with guitar scales, this book is the answer. With a fresh approach that's EASY and INTERESTING, it's the number one way to crack the code of guitar theory. 

So what's this book going to do for you?
  • Bite-sized pieces anyone can learn
  • Find out how easy scales REALLY are
  • How to learn any new scale all over the neck in three minutes
  • Packed with awesome tricks and "wow!" moments
  • Super-effective learning strategies to get BIG results FAST
  • Get a complete system you'll use for the rest of your life - say goodbye to confusion forever!
  • Full email support from me here at TomGuitar so you can solve issues before they begin
  • Give you RESULTS - there's a big difference between knowing a fretboard pattern and knowing how to use a scale
  • One method you can integrate with everything you learn


It all starts with intervals. Every scale is made of intervals, so by learning these super-easy patterns you'll have the building blocks of every scale you'll ever need to know (and some that you don't!)

You'll learn every interval by shape, feel and sound, so you know them like the back of your hand. Then, we'll use them to make the most useful scales in music, including:
  • Major
  • Minor
  • The pentatonics
  • Blues, with lots of cool variations
  • The modes, including the jazzy dorian scale and the spanish-style phrygian scale
  • Harmonic and melodic minor made easy
This approach is WAY faster than the normal "box pattern" way. When you know the intervals the scales are easy - it's like you've been using them for years. 

We'll learn how to USE this stuff with easy and fun audio examples and licks . They're not just patterns - they're like a whole language you can use to express your music whenever you want.

And don't forget these exotic scales you can use to spice up your playing and impress your audience:
  • Japanese Hirajoshi
  • Byzantine
  • Whole tone (great for jazz!)
  • Phrygian Dominant
  • The Altered Scale
  • Plus loads more!
Check it out on Amazon for a free sample:

Have fun!
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