Play The Blues Scale All Over The Neck With ONE Super Simple Shape!

  • by Tom Boddison
  • 19 Apr, 2017
Face it: If you wanna play blues, you need the Blues scale. Forget the five boxes - learn how to cover the whole neck with one easy shape right now...
Blues Scale Guitar Diagram Any Key

The Best Method

This way of learning the scale isn't only easier, it's also more useful.
  • Learned a cool lick in one octave? Using this system you can play it in new positions easily, greatly improving your vocabulary.
  • It forces you to see the neck in a new way - instead of playing down, you're playing diagonally. This vastly improves your fretboard vision.
  • Because you're always using the same easy shape, you'll learn to use it much more effectively. You'll get used to the sound of each note, and your playing will become much more melodic.
  • It's quick to learn, so you can spend less time learning dot patterns and more time making music!

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Grab the Pentatonic Scale Secrets Guide right here to lean the whole pentatonic scale, blues scale, minor and major scales, AND dorian scale (plus how to use them) over the whole neck, with just one easy system. Have fun!
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